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Baby Shower Decorating Ideas

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COLORS OF THE RAINBOW– These baby shower decorating ideas can take you in many different directions. You may incorporate a few of the nursery colors or go all out and use rainbow colors. Start with balloons that match the nursery. You may purchase plates and napkins in a matching color. We would like to suggest a cake that is in the shape of an oval that is covered with a baby blanket made out of fondant in a matching color. You may decide to make place cards as part of your baby shower decorating in various colors as well as tying each chair with a ribbon to match the nursery colors. Gift bags for game prizes should be packaged in the same color for continuity. Where ever you can, be certain to add the colors. This theme makes for easy baby shower decorating.

NURSERY THEME Let’s take Roses and Ribbons for an example. One should make sure that fresh roses adorned each table. Napkin rings would be made from silk flowers and would be tied with a complimenting ribbon. Weave baskets with ribbons to hold silverware, bread, game items. Decorate a special chair for mom or better yet make a beautiful crown made of roses and ribbons for mom to wear throughout the shower. These baby shower decorating ideas can be very easily made with a little help from some close friends. Vases for the centerpieces can be purchased at numerous craft supply places, fill it with flowers and tie a ribbon around it, all in matching colors and there you go. I must say the baby shower cake decorations would be complete if it looked like a bouquet of roses. Something as simple as a round cake covered with roses in shades from white to red (or whatever color rose you chose) would be fitting.

ENGLISH TEA BABY SHOWER DECORATIONSBaby shower decorating ideas for this theme leads me to think of Boyd’s bears, or any stuffed bears for that matter sitting around the room, on the tables, in the corners, all over the place with ribbons tied around their heads or a bow tie around their necks. I would place a different tea set in the middle of each table. You could then decorate each table to match the tea set or just go for a classic white or ecru color. Play classic music to round out your decorations. Lace goes perfect for this baby shower decorating idea. Lace on the tables, around mom’s chair, How is this for elaborate – the cake should be a bear sitting in a small wicker chair (available at many craft stores) decorated with lace of course.

BOUNCING BABY BRUNCH BABY SHOWERBaby shower decorating ideas for this theme are screaming, “I’m a little BOY!” We suggest using a ball theme. Sports balls of all types from basketball to tennis, from football to baseball, from bowling balls to soccer balls. Boys have lots of energy and so should the baby shower decorating ideas for this theme. Use centerpieces that are a collage of sporting balls. Use napkins in plates in complimenting colors. You can make a cake that is a football or soccer field with a baby crawling across the center of it. It could read, ‘An All Star is Coming Soon’. This baby shower theme is all boy. Have sporting equipment like bats and balls around, maybe hockey sticks and pucks let your imagination run (literally) fast!

MOMMY SHOWER These baby shower decorating ideas should be easy for any woman planning this shower. Decorate with the things woman like. You could think along the lines of a spa day. Candles always add a lot to any atmosphere. Potpourri or incense will help the room to have a relaxing feel. Small fountains of trickling water will give the right sound effects to calm even anxious mom. You could decorate the tables with exotic flower arrangements. Roll the silverware in napkins and stack them as towels would be arranged at a spa. Bowls of fruits will be a nice addition for centerpieces. Or you could try fresh cut exotic flowers, something with long stems. You can try flower petals sprinkled on the tables. Maybe you should just treat yourself to a spa day before the shower so you can replicate the right feel!

DIAPER EXTRAVAGANZA One thing that stands out about babies is…DIAPERS! With these baby shower decorating ideas you will find it easy to incorporate a wide variety of decorations. Many baby shower supply stores have storks holding a baby in a diaper. For centerpieces you could gather different color baby wipe boxes and have wire coming from the top holding displays of pictures of the parents as infants. Don’t forget diaper pins. You will find these in all sizes in stores. The largest ones make a cute addition to your baby shower decorating. Cakes, depending on how elaborate they are can serve as a baby shower decoration all by itself. For this theme we suggest an upright cake of a baby sitting in a diaper. Clip balloons together with diaper pins.

LAYETTE PARTY – Baby shower decorating ideas for this theme are so much fun. We suggest a spring afternoon feel. Think of your clothes hanging on the line on a beautiful spring day. What do you see? Butterflies floating weightlessly through the air while ladybugs crawl across the plants and the sun shines down upon your face. What do you hear? You hear birds chirping and children playing outside. So, go with that. Decorate the room with ladybugs and butterflies. Use napkin rings made out of flowers. Large paper flowers can be made or purchased to give your baby shower room the feel of the outdoors. Be sure to play instrumental music of a spring afternoon, something with birds chirping and the wind lightly blowing.

“BARNES & BABY” BABY SHOWER THEMEBig pillows, comfy seating, a quiet calm atmosphere are all important to pulling this theme off. First, we suggest you think of a coffee and tea bar. You can make this as simple or elaborate as you want. You can have a table for the coffee bar equipped with all the fixings. Be certain to include flavored creamers, sugar cubes, a variety of coffee flavors. You should provide a fine selection of tea’s. Place biscotti and scones on trays with napkins. You could include chocolate covered coffee beans. Around the room I would place large pillows, stand books that have to do with babies on tables and any place you can find. Magazines strategically placed will add to the feel of the room. You can go to book stores and contact baby magazines and ask for posters promoting such books. Or you could use poster size photos of the parents as infants. Send invitations that are in the shape of a book.

A TISKET, A TASKET THEME BABY SHOWER – For this theme, baby shower decorating ideas are endless. We suggest using baskets of all shapes and sizes to hold various items you will need for the shower. You can place flower arrangements in baskets and use them as centerpieces. We would include picks with baby related items on them in each flower arrangement. This may even become a game, to find the hidden baby items. A bassinet is a type of basket, so use this idea for the baby shower cake. On the buffet or food table we suggest putting a picnic basket lined with a matching pattern to your theme, on it’s side with an bounty of food “tumbling” out of it. The baskets that your guest will be bringing would be great additions to your decorations. For party favors had out small baskets with notepads and pens in them.

COUPLES SHOWERWe suggest that you decorate with pictures and posters of mom’s and dad’s with babies. Do centerpieces on the tables that are specific to the different times of the baby’s day; such as bath time, nap time, feeding time, and changing time. Try not to make all the decorations cutsie, as it will be hard for men to relate. A nice display would be books about Dad and Me, one suggestion would be Mercer Mayer who has a great collection about families, new baby and daddy stories. If you decide to go with a BBQ well then give the shower a down home type of feel.

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