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Baby Shower Cake Ideas

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Baby Shower Cake Ideas...

Colors Baby Shower Cake Idea: May we suggest a rectangular cake that is made to look like a quilt using, of course, the colors of the baby’s room. At the corners where the patches of “fabric” meet I would place small baby items, (i.e. pacifiers, bottles) you can find these at local craft stores. Or you may try an oval cake that is draped with a fondant blanket in the color of the baby’s room. I would place a sleeping baby figurine towards the top of the oval and have the blanket somewhat gathered around the figurine.

Nursery Baby Shower Cake Idea: The baby shower cake for this theme would be very specific to what the nursery would be decorated with. If the parent’s chose nursery rhymes, I would go for a round cake decorated like a moon with a cute cow figurine jumping up over the side of the cake, also I would include other nursery rhyme characters’ around the cake. A Noah’s Ark theme would be adorably decorated with a baby shower cake that was made to look like a boat filled with cute “baby” animal figurines. For Roses and Ribbons, we suggest a cake that is covered with an ivory fondant, embossed with a “quilt” like pattern, and sides and top of cake decorated with roses and icing ribbons of the nursery color.

English Tea Party Baby Shower Cake Idea: Perfect cake for this baby shower theme…petit fours. You can make them, however, it can be time consuming and rather difficult when cutting the small pieces of cake and getting them iced properly. I would not attempt this unless you have time to practice before you actually need to make them. But, now-a-days you can purchase them at many wholesale stores. Petit fours in pastel colors and in different shapes, such as diamonds, circles, and squares will be visibly appealing. I would place miniature baby items on the top of some. Place these darling cakes on pretty tea trays or better yet tiered trays. Be certain to leave room between the petit fours. You are going for a visual display, you do not want them to look liked they are crammed on the tray. If you prefer a cake that is larger you could always go with a stand up teddy bear cake sitting in front of a cake made to look like a teacup. We would suggest that you put a bow tie or ribbon in baby colors to decorate the bear. You may even want to place a pacifier in his mouth.

Bouncing Baby Brunch This theme is so much fun, as far as baby shower cakes go. We would suggest an actual ball shaped cake, in baby colors of course. So if you choose a baseball or some other sports ball as opposed to just a “playground” ball use baby colors for the laces and such. Then out of icing or a figurine if you can find just the right one you should place a baby boy “sprawled” out on top of the ball. How much fun is that! Just like a little boy.

Mommy Shower For this type of shower the only baby shower cake that would be appropriate would be … Mom’s favorite, of course! We would suggest that you choose her favorite dessert, no matter what that may be. Whether it requires decoration or not, just pamper her with all her favorites for this shower; favorite friends, favorite foods and favorite sweets! Specialty cakes from a gourmet baker are always nice and if this is a summer shower, well then, go for ice cream cake!

Walk of Fame You can go in many directions for a baby shower cake for this theme. Our favorite ideas are: decorating a large star shaped cake with a smaller star cake placed on top of it, use golden yellow icing, on the top star make a circle in the center with a small handprint and write A Star Will Be Born! The other idea would be to make a cake to look like a “take” marker and you can write on it “Take One..Baby ‘last name’.

What’s for Dinner? We have a cake that lives up to its name, A Better than Sex Cake. Besides the parents of two will need to be thinking of anything but – while they are trying to keep up with two youngsters. The recipe is simple and oh so good. Better than Sex Cake Recipe:

Diaper Extravaganza The baby shower cake for this theme would be too cute as a stand up baby cake. Ask for a standing baby cake clothed in a diaper, “cloth diaper” of course closed with a pin. Be certain to have some curls added to the top of the baby’s head, a ribbon would be cute if the baby is going to be a little girl, you could place a pacifier in the baby’s mouth. If you need cake for a large amount of people place the baby on top of a round cake. I would decorate the sides with diaper pins and or candies. Too cute!

Layette The first thing to mind for a baby shower cake for this theme would be a rectangular cake adorned with a “clothesline” with cute babies’ clothes made out of fondant. I would go with a sky blue base color, maybe some grass along the bottom edge of the cake. You could write “Baby last name,” Our breath of fresh air!

Barnes and Baby Baby Shower We suggest a specialty cake for this theme. Or you might consider foregoing the cake and try biscotti, scones, single serve slices of specialty desserts. Something like you would see at Starbuck’s. Try something exotic and out of the ordinary. What about chocolate covered strawberries and truffles, or chocolate drizzled or dipped wafers. Many chocolate morsel bags have the recipe for doing this at home. You will even find white chocolate chips available at your local grocer!

A Tisket, A Tasket This is a fun theme and a fun baby shower cake idea. We suggest for this theme to have a stand up weaved basket, use a baby color for the icing for the basket. If you don’t know the sex of the baby go with yellow or green in pastel. Have a round ball cake made to be sticking out of the basket, decorated like a baby’s head, add curls and a pacifier to complete the look. You may want to have a surprised look on the baby’s face. Place edible confetti or candies around the baby in the basket. To make it really cute put two little hands grasping the front of the basket. Just Darling!

Couples’ Shower A cute baby shower cake idea would be to make a cake in the shape of a rectangle. Decorate the border to look like a frame and design a caricature of the new family inside the frame. You could write something like “Picture Perfect the “last name” family”. is a great resource to find ideas and cake pans, cake decorating items and accessories. Many of these items can be found at local stores such as Michael’s, Rag Shop, Party City, and even Walmart. At these locations they also sell Wilton’s annual yearbook and pattern book which helps you recreate the designs you find in the year book. They make it so easy for you to create your very own edible masterpiece. Rest assured should you decide to go to a bakery and ask for one of the cake ideas, most bakeries should easily be able to recreate the ideas we have shared with you. Good Luck!

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